If you’re looking for songs to share with brand new fans or excellent options for your playlists, then look no further. Here’s a short list of some of Alec Benjamin’s best work.


Let’s start with Benjamin’s breakthrough hit “Let Me Down Slowly”. This song has a soulful melody with a rich beat that just puts you into a trance. The lyrics and melody are perhaps melancholic compared to most of Benjamin’s work, but it’s a relatable and very beautiful song.


Next check out “Mind is a Prison”. This song shows Benjamin’s talents as a storyteller as he shares a relatable story about the struggles he’s faced with living in his own headspace. Anyone who’s had thoughts they couldn’t get away from will relate to this slow-paced song.


Finally check out “Boy in the Bubble”. This song has an incredible beat and voice work that tells the story of loneliness and the bitter anger and aggression it often causes. It’s a song that was written about Benjamin’s experiences with bullying.