It comes as no surprise that Alec Benjamin have done more than their fair share of touring. Alec Benjamin continues to tour consistently putting on sold out epic concerts! See below for a list of upcoming venues that Alec Benjamin will be making a stop at!

Alec Benjamin Tour Locations

Alec Benjamin’s concert tour history began in 2014 when he played in the Wireless Festival in Birmingham England on July 6, 2014. He then took a brief  break from concert appearances in 2015. 

Since then, he has hosted concerts every year from 2016 onward. Many of these concerts have been overseas with his fans in the UK as well as other international destinations as well as US concert tours mixed in. He has played an average of 40 or more concerts a year with 2022 being his busiest year yet with 70 concerts scheduled and performed at the time of writing.

But what makes these concerts something special is how hard Benjamin works at making his audiences feel like a part of the show. He has a style that comes through in every live show that is humble, sincere, and interested. Even when Alec Benjamin isn’t the main act of the night, many audiences feel as if his songs were chosen for them. He speaks about his experiences through his music, and that has been best shown during his 2019 concert season, especially with his appearance at 2019’s Sonic Visions Festival in Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg on November 15, 2019.